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First things first, 

where are all the upcoming female artists and why are they missing the recognition they deserve?

For years, legendary women like Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Erykah Badu & many more have fought to create more equal opportunity within the music industry. 
BABYPINK is an online media outlet working to create a positive platform to promote women’s achievements within the male dominant industry that is hip-hop.  Our website is primarily designed to be a place for the youth culture to discover the most FUEGO MUSIC out there, created by or with women, all while educating the public on issues revolving the lack of female presence in the industry.   
We want to be here to help support young women by opening up a pathway to equal opportunities and encouraging ALL women not to be afraid to follow their dreams, whether it's with music, or photography or any creative endeavour. Through this outlet, we want to support the movement of empowering women and break inequality that continues to live within the music industry. 
 With that being said, we are looking to grow and strengthen our collective. We would love for any creative artist who is interested in collaborating with us, or anyone who wants to submit their music/playlists/mixes/photos/videos/blog (ANYTHING) to be featured on our site, to email us at 




jae | ceo & creative director 

Music has impacted my life in such a beautiful and positive way, it’s always there for you through the best and the worst. I was raised surrounded by strong women, from watching my immigrant single mother struggling to raise three kids, to my oldest sister being my number one role model and inspiration. Music and family are definitely two of the most important things to me, no doubt.
Known as fuegopappy, she founded BabyPink & manages the Media Outlet as a whole. She also creates dope ass playlists every Friday for Freaky Friday! 
You can reach her through email at


paige | co-Founder & creative contributor   

I’m not sure what direction my life is going yet. Music has been a very important part of my life, especially hip-hop music. Being a feminist, and a soul searcher has helped me grow and explore the different aspects of what it’s like to be a woman in this world.
Known as hyphy, she co-founded BabyPink and is Babypink's very own day one creative contributor [photographer, digital artist, editor, writer],  and runs Hyphy Wednesday: Song Of The Week! 
You can reach her through email at