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Rihanna : A Force of Fashion

Rihanna is a power in fashion. Seeing the way she holds herself, to the way she talks, to the confidence she holds; it just motivates myself to aspire and grow into my own high power. Or, I'm just awestruck cause riri such a badgyal. 

In this interview, Riri discusses her future goals for Fenty, her brand (5:20) and her favourite aspects of fashion, from the challenges to the way fashion comes full circle. 

I have long term goals in fashion, not so much with any type brand, but you just never know what’s gonna happen
— Rihanna 2017 Vogue Interview

Will her Puma reign end?? I hope tf not, I need more creepers ASAP!!

Anyways, my favourite part in the interview was when Riri explained how she created her style and her brand (6:10). Rihanna is very open about having no boundaries in fashion.

She out here teaching young girls that they can look good in anything, and to be honest about what they like, instead of conforming to mainstream fashion.  

it had a lot to do with me knowing myself, knowing who I am and knowing what I am as a brand and my motives that day
— Rihanna 2017 Vogue Interview

At the 8:40 mark, riri opens up about her team and gives us a very important piece of advice about partnership (for all you business ladies trying to make it out there in this male congested world). 

You want people that are better than you at their job, if I can do your job better than you, I can’t hire you, that’s a waste of my money and my time
— Rihanna 2017 Vogue Interview

Later on in the interview, we hear Riri speak about Fenty Beauty (10:00) and how she first felt about the makeup brand, and how it affected her after it was released. 

We’ve had this amazing, emotional connection with customers who’ve never been able to find their shade of foundation before.
— Rihanna 2017 Vogue Interview

Another favourite moment of the interview was listening to Riri explain her connection with music and fashion (14:10). Hearing a certain song definitely impacts the aesthetic you're trynna accomplish that day, from the makeup down to the jewelry.

I know when I'm listening to SZA, I'm trynna look like i dun rebirthed into an angel but when I'm listening to Princess Nokia, I end up looking all grunge and gothic. Music is a beat and a hum that really influences your inner energy for the day. 

Check out everything else she has to say, including what she looks for in young fashion artists and entrepreneurs and her upcoming movie, in the interview below! 


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