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Catch Cardi B. And Khelani Sharin' Love

Women in the industry got it hard, that’s facts. Not only do they get judged on their talents, but they also get judged on their clothes, the way they present themselves on social media, the things they say, the things they don’t say, how they’re seen as role models for young women, the way their body looks, their pictures, the way they do their makeup, how their hair looks… and the list goes fucking on.

It’s exhausting for women to share their talents with the world and for it to be under appreciated or pushed aside because mainstream media is more focused on them as a person and not as an artist.

I was watching an important conversation during Nessa’s interview between Kehlani, Cardi B and Nessa about body shaming, online bullies, and women in the industry. Cardi was talking about how hard it is to find love and support from other women in the industry. It hurts to hear her words because the industry is full of amazing women, and yet there’s barely a spotlight for each of them.

Whenever I think about women in the industry, I always feel like they’re scattered. Like, all over the place. That’s why it’s so hard to find them, or hear about them in media because they’re so scattered. Or, I might just be trippin’. But one of the most important things, I feel, for all women to achieve their place in the industry, is for us to work together. Cause if we don’t got each other… then it’s a man’s world, and it’s a man’s industry…

Cardi B comes in after 4 minutes, what are your thoughts ? 


Paige Martensen