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Nadia Rose from the dead to kill with them flows

There is something especially unique about Nadia Rose's flow, energy and lyricism that makes her music so remarkable. At only 23, her names been buzzin' all around the UK as her musics' being aired on urban radio stations and featured on BBC Radio 1xtra and SBTV. She's confident in her skills and she's growing in the UK music scene. 

If I had to choose my favourite thing about Nadia, it would be her lyrics and the way in which she delivers every verse with so much power. As a child, instead of the bible under her pillow, she used to have the dictionary. Damn, can't help but wish I read the dictionary more as a child lol. 

We often judge males artistic talents by their ability to freestyle, as seen on the XXL Freshman Class Cover freestyles. Little do some people know, WE FEMALES BE KILLIN IT TOO. Watch Nadia Rose murder these freestyles: 

Upcoming South-London MC Nadia Rose spits a sick freestyle for DJ Semtex with TheBlkObsidian on beatbox.

“I’d literally just come back from Ghana, where we buried her, the week before I recorded that,”

The next freestyle is a tribute to her grandmother, who passed away in midst of her career launching. She really goes deep and uses different flows with the beat. In an interview with The Guardian, Nadia explains: “I’d literally just come back from Ghana, where we buried her, the week before I recorded that,” Rose remembers. “Before I could have done anything else, I had to do that.”

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Nadia Rose and loads of you have been really rating her so we brought her in for a Warm Up Session, listen closely! "Where words fail, music speaks volumes." - Nadia Rose


If you want more of her music, you can find her on Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music 

WE SEE YOU NADIA. Keep grindin' 


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