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Some Music You Might've Missed in 2018

January is almost over and I’ve been thinking about some shit…

2018 is probably going to go down in history… for being one of the worst years for millennials, women and men of colour, indigenous communities and Planet Earth. But when life goes to shit, we always count on music. Hip hop became the #1 consumed music genre in 2018, with artists constantly releasing music. For many of us, music is a site of emotion. Listening to music helps us cope with our lives and the horrible feelings.

But when I look back to some of the greatest hip hop moments of 2018, women fall short. When I saw that the Billboard released an article called “Why Didn’t More Female Rappers Get Their Due Shine in 2018?” I got really irritated because many media outlets, like Billboard, spent their 2018 covering shitty drama like 6ix9ne and the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feud rather than use their resources and influence to highlight women in hip hop.

I’ve gathered some really good albums and EP’s released in 2018 by women that you might’ve missed. 2018 may be over, but take the New Year to focus on your consumer habits. Media outlets are covering the same artists because we are the one’s consuming it on a daily basis. “Female Rappers” or “Women in Hip Hop” is not a separate music genre.

Jesirae - Ready or Not EP

Jessie Reyez - Being Human in Public

being human in public

NAO - Saturn

nao - saturn


Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.12.24 PM.png

070 Shake - Glitter ep

070 shake - glitter

Sudan Archives - Sink ep

JunglePussy - JP3

JP3 Album Art_preview (1).jpeg

Tommy Genesis - Tommy Genesis


Yung Baby Tate - Boys ep

yung baby tate.jpg

Kodie Shane - Youngheartthrob

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