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5 Ways YOU Can Support Womxn in Hip Hop

Supporting women and minority groups in any industry is critical to create change and equal opportunities in the playing field. But often, the question people ask is HOW they can support them. It’s a valid & honest question, which I’m here to answer!

It’s time to take responsibility for what you consume.

Here are FIVe ways YOU can support womxn in Hip Hop

  1. Download/Stream their EP’s, Albums, Mixtapes,+ |One Banger Often Means Other Bangers!

I often notice that a lot of women pop off with one hit, & everyone just listens to that track instead of looking into that artist. I know it’s a consumeristic behaviour, I’ve done it too, but it’s important to take responsibility as a consumer and go the extra mile to support increased positive representation. That’s a main reason why we create Freaky Friday Playlists to help you listen to a variety of sounds from women all around the world and then being able to decide who you like to look into them more.

Think about how much music you listen to on the regular. So why not spend 30 minutes shuffling through a playlist to find new dope artist.

2. share! Share! Share!

I cannot emphasize how important it is to share music, not only through social media, but play it at your jams, for your friends in the car, send the song directly to them and push for their recognition.

3. KEEP TALKING ABOUT the lack of women in music

& why

I don’t care how annoying it might be to some people, but without our voices growing louder, change will not happen. The push for the increased representation of women in music is much bigger than just winning grammy’s, gaining status & making money. A history of social constructs created by the powerful shape the industries today & how they function; to create an ideal consumer that supports the livelihood of patriarchy, capitalism and control without even knowing it. Media is one of the most powerful tools today and the images, stories and experiences of women told through their art can create this change and open the world up to a flow of positive representations.

4. see them Live & support local events

The best way to ride the badgyal wave is to go to their shows and experience their songs live. You can easily look up to see if any of em are coming to a city near you through sites like, ticketweb, songkick, eventbrite, etc

If you are from Toronto area, here are a few women that are comin to heat the city UP:

5. Add them to your lineups, mixes, playlists, creative projects

If you host any events, make sure to be thoughtful about your lineups & to include women.

If you’re a DJ, be thoughtful about your mixes & to include women.

If you’re a creative, whether it be in fashion, photography, video, anything… include representations that dilute todays social order.

Thanks for listening to my rant and hopefully you took something from this,


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