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We Got To Ask Atlanta's Hustler The Jawn Joi About Her Track 'Robbery', Her Radio Show, & So Much More

The Jawn Joi’s official debut single “Robbery” featuring Akbar V, Akaila Mulan, and produced by Jess Carp! The Jawn Joi and her counterparts created a powerhouse record to represent girl power and what it takes to be a boss.

“This anthem is about working hard for all you have, so you’ll be damned if someone takes anything from you,” Joi exclaims about the all-new single. “We are all dealt our own cards, but how we play is the difference. You didn’t play my cards, so you can’t take anything away from me. This is mine; it’s what I created.”

Lemme tell you, she’s a definition of BOSS CHICK. A HUSTLER. Check out our interview with her below

1. Tell us a little about yourself and when, how and why did you start to pursue making music? 

  • I’m from Philly, I started making music at 17 and that prompted me to come to Atlanta for college in 2011. I started making music because in my teens I use to act and had rapping down as a skill. When I started to get asked to rap during auditions I pushed myself to become better at it. Eventually, music took over and acting fell to the back. 

2. Tell us a little about the creative process of the making of ‘Robbery’? What were some highs and lows during this process?  

  • The creative process for creating “Robbery” was pretty natural. Jess Carp and I were in the studio cooking up at Means Street. Akaila Mulan was in town from Philly and I told her to pull up. Jess played the beat and I began to sing “Taking everything this ain’t a robbery” Jess wasn’t really into it so I told Akalia to sing it and from there everyone was like “Ok we get it”. From there Akalia and I finished the hook I laid down my verse and Jess had a filler verse.

    We sat on the song for about 6 months then Jess spoke about putting someone on the 2nd verse. Akbar was the first person who came to mind. We previously spoke about working together and this song was the perfect time to make it happen. I hit Ak up and she came by the studio and knocked out the 2nd verse and from that day we created Robbery. 

3. How do you feel about Atlanta’s creative scene? And how do you hope to influence it? 

  • I feel like Atlanta’s creative scene is a big garden… literally, anything you want to do you can do; and more than likely you’ll get the support you want from fellow creatives and tastemakers in the city. I want to show people that there are no limits to what you can do or create. Working on multiple sides in the industry I seeeveryone's outlook, I understand how artists think, how execs think and how media thinks. I want to bridge the gap by being the brand exudes all 3. 

4. Your radio show is extremely impressive. What were some of your most memorable/favourite moments on the show? What inspired you to start this?

  • First, Thanks! I truly appreciate it! Some of my most memorable/favorite moments on the show I would have to say was interviewing Kamiyah because that interview landed me a spot on Dash Radio. I would also have to say interviewing David Banner; growing on him and then being reached out to interview him was humbling. Outside of those just about every interview I do is a favorite of mine. I graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film for Clark Atlanta. While in school I had my own show on our campus then post graduation I being working along DJ Drama, Don Cannon, and DJ Sense producing their show “Streetz Is Watchin'” on Shade45.

    After about a year I decided to launch my own interviews and from there “The Jawn Joi” was created. I just wanted to create an outlet that artists can come to and be themselves and let their guards down without thinking I'm trying to get a response to go viral. I just wanted it to be conversational where every fan can watch the interview and feel like they’re right there in the room with us. 

5. Are there any experiences that opened up your eyes that you’ve faced as a female artist industry? Positive or negative. If so, please share your story.

  • I don’t think about opposition in the industry regarding being a female. I set to always carry myself with respect and work 10 times harder than my counterparts living by that I feel like I get everything I earn. I also feel like right now is a dope space to be in being a woman in the industry. We’re taking over. 

6. If you had to give women one piece of advice for pursuing any creative endeavour, what would it be?

  • If I could only give one piece of advice, it would be to believe in yourself fully. The longer it takes for you to believe in yourself the longer the process will be until you see any results. 

7. You’re dropping your EP in 2019, tell us a little about that. 

  • The EP will be pushed back until further notice. But, please continue to follow my journey by subscribing to my Youtube Channel and tuning into The Jawn Joi on Southside Dash Radio every Thursday 4pm-6pm!



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