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Atlanta R&B Artist Margaux Calls Your Bluff in Her Newest Track 'Don't Front'

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A while back, we had the opportunity to get to know Margaux  & ask her a couple of questions about her EP entitled: “Trust In Me”, her career as an artists & her advice to creative women. I like to call Margaux the hustler that does it all, because she works independently AND sings, writes and produces all her tracks. Not to mention she shot and edited all digital and cover art for her single. Not many artists have the ability to do that anymore, mostly at only 23 years old. 
One thing that caught my attention and that I really respect from our interview with her was when I asked her about challenges she faced when creating her EP. She said that "as far as challenges, the two biggest ones for me were: timing and the song "Alright." I work a full time job and sometimes I work like 48 hours a week. So, it's hard to find time to do make music sometimes. So, a lot of the time I would call in sick and/or pull all nighters to finish songs." She explained that she even ended up quitting her job to get the project finished. 
There is so much difficulty when trying to balance your everyday responsibilities, work and your passion. The drive, motivation and love she clearly has for her music translates so powerfully to us, her fans. 


she is now back with a new track for us called 'Dont Front', make sure to take a listen below & support ya girl: