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Toronto Artist LAII Releases Very Anticipated Single 'DEPENDENCY’

1. First, tell us a little about yourself & how you got into music? 

Well, I'm a 25 year old singer/songwriter/producer and I've been interested in music since before I can remember. I just remember being really young and dancing and singing along to my parents records in the house with my sisters and pretending to be whichever girl/guy group we were listening to at the time. I was in the arts program in high school and that trickled into my post-secondary education where I received my degree in music as well. It was in college that I really started honing in my artistry and start to market myself as LAII, the artist.

Instagram: @laiimusic

Instagram: @laiimusic

2. Tell us about the creative process behind your newest track 'Dependency'? What do you love most about this song? 

I remember hearing the beat for the first time in the studio with Ovrthro and being like yesssss this is the one! I literally wrote it on the spot that day. I started off with a melody then I realized I had the opportunity to really say something with the song. When I write, I pull from life experiences or any experience from a friend or even TV shows haha. I came up with the concept of an individual (me) coming to the realization that she may be too dependent on her partner and therefore causing a toxic environment that she needed to get out of and grow from. I then used the metaphor of drugs and dependency to really carry the song and recognize the dire need to get out of the cycle. I love that it's the type of song that's a bit more gritty and there's no room for sugar coating anything. It is what it is, she recognizes the problem and needs to change.

3. How has living in Toronto helped you grow as an artist? What do you love about Toronto's creative scene and is there anything about the scene that you'd like to see improve? 

Living in Toronto has definitely helped me grow as an artist because I'm completely surrounded by like-minded individuals who are always throwing events and shows that I can easily get to and be inspired by. Toronto definitely has a great scene and is a great hub for aspiring artists to connect and build with. There's so much talent in Toronto it’s ridiculous (in the best way) and amazing at the same time.

 4. A common narrative amongst young creatives is that University/College is a waste of time and money, and that we could learn this all on our own. Your passion turned into a career while obtaining your Bachelor in Music. What are your thoughts on education and the pursuit of a creative career?

I'll say this, it definitely isn't for everyone however, from my experience it connected me to the musicians that I still collaborate with today. I feel like I've learned enough about the basics in every avenue of music so that I would never have to start from scratch but rather continue my education. I'm a huge advocate of learning all that you can so that you can be multi-faceted ESPECIALLY as a woman in the industry. The more you can do for yourself the more self-sustaining you are. So whether you enrol in post secondary or not, still seek all the knowledge you can. It just doesn’t come with the same community of musicians to collaborate with by default. It's definitely up to the individual but it doesn’t hurt to try.

 5. What are some challenges you've faced as a creative and how are you overcoming them? 

Learning to be more patient is a big one. I'm the type of person who wants this done quickly and efficiently but I'm coming to the realization that not everyone works like that and they all have lives too LOL. So in turn I'm learning to plan way ahead and ask way ahead with subtle reminders along the way so that I don't freak out when we're down to the wire. I'm also learning how important breaks are I always try not to force anything out because when I listen back I hear the stress in my voice. If I need to call the session early I'll do that and come back more refreshed and relaxed. Meditation can also help in the moment and having good people around who can calm you down and talk you through any obstacles.

6. Tell us about what you have planned and your future shows! 

So for the rest of this year, I have a couple more singles coming out and I also have a show on May 4th at the Rivoli in Toronto. Live band and a couple other acts as well! Should be a great night!

Here’s the link for tickets

Cant wait to see what the future holds for laii


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