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Jorja Smith X Preditah Give Us Funky Vibes and We All Bout To Do The Running Man Down The Side Walk


Alright everybody drop everything because Jorja Smith is back with something we aint ever seen before. I have never seen someone sing so beautifully over that type of fast paced funky beat that makes us all wanna get the fuck up and dance around. Ngl, the first time I heard it I was bout to do the running man down the sidewalk. 

"So I ask myself, do I let you go?
Or do I keep you in the frame of my mind?
Now I'm growing wise to your sugar-coated lies
Nothing's sweet about my misery, yeah"

If ya'll dont know, UK's Jorja Smith began to pop off all around North America after Drake featured her on 'More Life'. In 2016, her name was buzzing in the UK after her release of Project 11. Ever since, she's been preforming worldwide and is now embarked on tour with Bruno Mars. And this year, she released two other songs; 'Teenage Fantasy' and 'Beautiful Little Fools'.... Could that mean she might be working on an upcoming album? I hope so!!! With Jorja's smith incredible vocals and Preditah's production, they created a fckn masterpiece. 

Watch the music video below:

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