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Meet Juliet July: Amsterdam's Alternative R&B Artist That'll Give You Goosebumps All Over

My name is Juliet July, I am 26 years old and I live in Amsterdam. I’m partly Dutch and partly Caribbean as my father is from the lovely island Curacao.
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i. How Did You Start Making Music? 

I’ve always felt a strong connection with music and started singing in a choir when I was about 6 years old. After that I was mainly combining singing with theatre. It was around age 19/20 that I actually started to write my own songs and record them.  I went to a music school to further develop my skills in this.

ii. You recently released the music video for “Don’t Run”, how would you describe it’s about/overall theme & sound?

I’d say the sound could be described as an alternative / future R&B track with some trap elements blended through it. The theme is revolved around feeling duality in love. 
Wanting to love but pushing that person away out of fear. 
Giving off mixed signals while in reality one deeply want to love and connect again. A behavioral pattern based on past experiences which one tries to break through
(but isn’t always easy to do).

Written by Juliet July | Produced by Virgil Lewis | Video by : Hadoken Productions, Ngoni Nyembe & Tuks Tad Lungu | Styling by : Imani Fashion & Arielle Saphire Robins

iii. Tell us a little about the creative process of the video for “Don’t Run” & if you ran into any challenges? 

The visuals shot in the beautiful art gallery were initially shot for another song of mine. But after reviewing it, I decided to use them instead for this song ‘Don’t Run’. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. It showed me that the unexpected can lead to the birth of beautiful new things.

iv. What is a really memorable moment during your career and why? 

I’d say two things:
The first being a gradual mind shift, it was all about me starting to actually believe in myself and not being so afraid to share my work with the world. In the beginning I could really ponder about what others would think of it. But now I really feel that as long as I am comfortable and positive about it, it’s cool.

The second one was that moment when I was in South Africa, shooting my video for ‘Sunday Afternoon’ (which I will release later). We went to a huge dessert like place with only white sand. 
The sun was going down, I heard my music playing and I thought to myself :
 ‘Wauw, it’s really crazy where one idea can ultimately take you to if you decide to execute on it’. 
It was truly a magical moment for me. 
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v. Are there any experiences you’ve faced as a woman artist in this male dominated industry? Positive or negative. If so, please share your story. Also, If you had to give women one piece of advice for pursuing any creative endeavour, what would it be? 

I noticed that, as a woman, it is, sometimes, easier to open certain doors. However, this does not always mean that they will directly take you serious.

If I had to give one piece of advice I would say to know your why. 
Why do you do the things you do? 
If you have this answer, facing obstacles throughout your process are easier to overcome.

vi. What else should we be expecting from you this year? 

I am now working on an EP that I hope to release after summer. Like I mentioned before, I also shot another video in South Africa for the song ‘Sunday Afternoon’ so that is also on the way. Furthermore I am now developing a complete live show with my band, thus more shows are on the way as well!

Keep you updated. 



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