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the Creative Process behind layes latest track 'Milk & Honey'

Sony Music Canada recording artist laye releases her single “milk n honey” following the momentum of her slow, ominous debut “likefck” and 2nd single “goldfinger” & let me tell you, she continues to impress us endlessly.  The demo version of “milk n honey’ was actually one of her old tracks that inevitably led to label interest. Her vocal tone and dark lyrics paired with the brooding and sometimes upbeat pop production provide what would become a defining part of laye’s musical vision.  With it, she releases eerie visuals that match her image & the vibe of the track entirely. I love the camera filter edit that adds a trippy effect to the simple white scene. My favourite parts are the close ups on her eyes with the camera movement. Her eyes are intoxicating. You can feel her raw & real emotions piercing through her beautiful eyes and body movement, expressing that love is pain. 

"I am really happy to be putting this song out. Despite all the things going on in one’s life – the good, the bad - whether it be relationships or life in general, you try to keep a positive outlook on things. I ain’t gunna trip, not me- I'll be keeping it sunny, finding your jokes funny- It’s all milk n honey.” - Laye

It’s only been about three years since laye first started to experiment with making her own music, but she’s already been able to carve out a unique artistic path, one that is shaped by various influences—from art to photography to 90’s fashion and her own experiences. Her honest reflection of the past is a driving force of continual motivation. 

1. When and how did you write milk & honey? Tell us a little bit about your creative process behind it all. Who did you worked with specifically on this track and your experience working with them ?

It was a really good experience; I was out in LA for the original session, where we made the demo.  Love working out there because it's such a different environment so it feels like I'm on vacation while working.  I was in with producers FnZ (Finatik n Zac), as well as Lauren Christy who cowrote it with me & it was a really easy session, bouncing ideas off of each other.

2. Tell us about the music video for Milk & Honey.

It came out shortly after the initial release.  I was really excited to put it out because it was an idea I had from a while back that got changed around and added to quite a bit to be where it's at now.  While the song touches on keeping it all 'milk n honey' I wanted the video to be the other side, the not-so-kept-together side, the more realistic side at times.  I'm a very extreme highs & lows person and I wanted to portray that in the video. 

3. A reoccurring theme in your music is about love and relationships, what’s a really important lesson that you’ve taken from relationships and young love? 

Nothing is the end of the world.  As cliche as it sounds, it's something that's so true.  I think it's really easy to get wrapped up in something but it's important to take a step back and see the bigger picture.  If something isn't meant to be, it's just not meant to be.  Don't waste your love on dudes or girls that don't deserve it. 

And have fun.

 4. How do you hope your music impacts the people listening? 

I hope when people hear it they feel any type of way.  For me, I attach songs to moments in my life- sometimes it's not necessarily the lyrics themselves but the emotion of the song that helps me through moments, or reminds me of moments, and I hope milk n honey does the same for others, lyrically or emotionally.

5. What else should we be expecting from you ?

October 5th I'll be releasing another song, haventhadlove, and I'm really nervous about it, it's been two years since I wrote it so I'm happy to be finally putting it out.  It's one I wrote at a low point in my life, so to be releasing it now while I'm sort of out of that headspace is a really interesting feeling.

I also hope to be doing more shows in Montreal, Toronto and wherever else it brings me and I'm currently back in sessions finishing my album.  

This song was written by laye / Lauren Christy / Isaac Deboni (FnZ) / Michael Mule (FnZ) and recorded in Toronto at Left Field Studios. “Milk n honey” once again utilizes the production team of Lauren Christy (G-Eazy, Dua Lipa) and Federico Vindver (Jennifer Lopez, Lauryn Hill, Pitbull) with the addition of award-winning Australian duo FnZ (A$AP Rocky, Denzel Curry, Wiz Khalifa, G Eazy, A$AP Ferg, John Legend) to finesse the dark yet upbeat pop melody, refrain and chorus of the song. 



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