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Marissa, the singer/songwriter girl boss with a sparkly attitude and selfless personality is back with an all-new sound and project

‘This Is Me’ is her debut 4-track EP and re-introduction to the world

The message behind this EP is to motivate others to be who they are, to believe in themselves, and to never give up no matter what life throws you. Marissa likes to call this EP the new R&B of Atlanta; with its sweet, soft, sexy, and soulful tones, but a with a beat that you can still ride around and nod your head to. In other words, it’s a vibe! The lyrics are Marissa; they showcase her experiences and her attitude, which makes it very relatable to anyone who has been through similar life encounters.

We had an opportunity to ask her a couple of questions about her release, her transition from Columbia Records & what we can be expecting from her in the new year. Read Below

  1. How would you describe Atlanta’s music industry & how growing up in the city influenced your choices  to pursue music today?

    I would describe Atlanta’s music industry as very cultured. Growing up I was heavily influenced by artists like TLC, Monica, & OutKast. 
  2. Deciding to part ways with Columbia must have been a difficult transition. How and why did you come to this decision? How did you stay optimistic, patient and driven to success to overcome such obstacle? 

    Yes parting ways with Columbia was a very difficult decision for me, however it was a risk I willing to take. I knew at the time they were not willing to take the same chance on me that I was. With the support of my friends & family and my faith in God I was able to stay optimistic to overcome this obstacle in my career.
  3. What was it like working on this EP? Did you face any challenges? 

    Working on this EP was like having my first child. It was so refreshing and inspiring. I was able to be fully creative and have nothing but fun! I also learned a lot about myself as an artist. I will definitely say it wasn’t completely easy. Being an independent artist I was faced with obstacles like not having the same resources I would have being signed to a major label. But I didn’t let that stop me. 
  4. Im always curious about the experiences women face within this male dominated industry. Are there any experiences that opened up your eyes that you’ve faced as a female artist in this industry? Positive or negative. If so, please share your story

    I definitely agree that it is a male dominated industry. I think as women we have all experienced something that has shown us that we aren’t taken as seriously as men. For example someone reaching out to work and wanting something completely different. However, if you show up and gain the respect you want you will make it clear that you’re not the woman to be mess with! 
  5. What else should we expect from you this year? 

    This year you should expect a lot more from me! Whether it’s music, videos, endorsements, or features! I’m here to stay this time! 


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