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NY's Dounia is BACK with a NEW video for 'Shyne'


20 yr old Dounia, an independent artist from Queens, NY is back and better than ever looking fly as fck in her NEW SELF PRODUCED video for 'Shyne'. I mean, this girl wrote, produced, directed and EDITED this entire video, how could you not love it? And on top of that, it's her first music video! You might have seen her working with brand campaigns for Sephora, Forever 21 and Refinery. 

The music video is a collection of footage from her nights out with friends, smoking, partying, living the life of New York BABY! I recognized model Barbie Ferreira in her video singing along with Dounia too.  It's overall such an amazing video and I've always loved this song since it came out. Not to mention, the fact is she's continuing to take the initiative to making movements in her artistic career, which is inspiring and motivating to say the least. 

"IMA SHINE ON THEM MAMA, IMA SHINE ON THEM MAMA. Sneak up from behind, skip the whole line on em"

Wanna get to know more about this young and upcoming artist? Read her interview with Dazed Magazine here

You can also find her soundcloud below with links to her social media to keep up with Dounia :) 

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