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Tommy Genesis gives us the sexiest freaky vibes in visuals for TOMMY

Nobody fuck with Tommy
Nobody’s high like Tommy
Nobody rock like Tommy
All these bitches get off me
— tommy

Honestly, it all started 2-3 years ago when I was introduced to Father: "Who's Gonna Get Fucked First" album... and let me tell you this, that album is still BUMPIN' AS FCK till this day!! First I heard 'Morena' with Abra:

AND THEN YOU HEAR TOMMY TOO ON VAMP (2:03), I'm obsessed with her intoxicating freaky voice so I went to go find more (let me tell u, all her music videos are dope asfck)  and now WERE HERE with a long waited release. You can find all her music here:

Vancouver, Canada born artist is continuing to SLAY the game with her self proclaimed "fetish rap"

She tells XXL Mag: 

“'Tommy' is a song I wrote about one half of my split personality,” says Genesis about the track. “It’s become the way I represent myself in most social situations. It’s just a rap song, but it’s also a pure representation of Tommy without Genesis (you’ll meet her later).” 

The video has the sexiest vibe, her look is unique and jaw dropping fr!! She owns her sexuality! It currently has 25K views and the numbers are jus going up, she makin movements. ON TOP OF THAT, she directed and edited the music video herself... gawd damn! It was amazingly shot by Kevin Hayden. She recently announced her 2017 European tour, but unfortunetely she won't be coming to Toronto :( But she is goin to Vancouver and all around Europe, so if you find yourself in Vancouver or Paris on the days of her show, cop tickets here ! #SUPPORTLOCALTALENT

Cant wait for the full project! POWERS BABY 


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